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Check out this press for Play Cupid:

“It’s a fun show, mixing improv and stand-up with cringe-worthy first dates and moments of emotional honesty. I wouldn’t miss it.” -The Washington Post

“…a spectacularly deep and varied show, with humor and drama in equal measure.
I’d happily see it again — and maybe again after that.” -DCist

The interactive elements are incredibly engagingone of the rare Fringe shows that I’m seriously tempted to go see again.” -5 of 5 star review from DC Theatre Scene

“…that’s part of the beauty. If there’s one sign of a successful show, it’s leaving the audience wanting more. If there’s another, it’s leaving them with the feeling of unlimited possibilities.” -Broadway World

Play Cupid is sure to provide you with a fun and exciting night. I am tempted to head back to the box office and grab a seat at the next showing.” -5-star “Best of Fringe” review from DC Metro Theater Arts


A preview on Play Cupid and other LGBTQ-themed shows at Washington Blade

An interview with the official Capital Fringe blog

A preview on DC Theatre Scene

And a preview on DC Metro Theater Arts

Also check out these rehearsal images, credit Sonia Zamborsky:

Five Actors From Play CupidFive people to pair up – the Play Cupid cast rehearsing. L to R: Klenn Harrigan, Elizabeth Hansen, Kara Turner, Niusha Nawab, Allyson Harkey.

A mosaic of rehearsal images, clockwise from top left: Allyson Harkey and Klenn Harrigan, Elizabeth Hansen, Kara Turner and Niusha Nawab, Niusha Nawab, Kara Turner.

Cover image: an old man reading a newspaper on a park bench, credit here.